The Research

Are Our Phones Harming Our Bodies and Minds?

There’s a growing amount of evidence pointing to the fact that radiation from our smartphones are having a number of effects on our reproductive, nervous and immune systems. Here’s what we know:

Studies have linked electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobile phones to sleep disturbances, memory changes and other symptoms. Source

Radio frequency energy has a heating effect, which is particularly concerning for softer tissue without sufficient blood flow to regulate temperature such as the eyes and the brain. Source

In a recent study men who talked on their mobile phone for over an hour per day were found to have a significantly higher rate of abnormal sperm. Source

Small children and their developing brains can absorb up to 2 times the microwave radiation than an adult would with the same exposure. Source

World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorised mobile phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, acknowledging that further studies should be completed on this issue. Source

190 scientists from 39 nations to the United Nations, requesting the World Health Organization (WHO) adopt more protective exposure guidelines for non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the face of increasing exposures from many sources. Source

These may be some of the reasons that phone manufacturers provide built-in warnings, suggesting you keep your device 1-2cm from your body and to use the speakerphone or a headset whenever possible. The Lif3 Smartchip alone can minimise your exposure by up to 95%* with virtually no impact on your transmission signal.


A US Government study has uncovered these concerning results about exposure to mobile phone radiation

Early results released from a $25 million study from The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) have found concerning results from rats exposed to mobile phone radio frequency radiation over two years.



Here’s what the research hasn’t ruled out about mobile phone safety

Internationally renowned epidemiologist Dr Devra Davis is committed to researching the effects of smartphones and tablets, and is strongly involved in the Baby Safe Project urging pregnant women to limit their EMF exposure. Dr Davis believes that more extensive research needs to be done into mobile phone radiation to know exactly what it is we could be dealing with, as the true effects could take 40 years to show themselves.




The Call for Further Academic Research

Further research is currently being undertaken, but the next few decades will show how our bodies really respond to heavy and long-term mobile phone use. The truth is we haven’t yet ruled out the risks for ovaries, testes, breasts and brains. Is it worth waiting for the proof?

To limit your exposure, you can keep devices away from your head and body whenever possible, limiting phone calls in poor reception and using the Lif3 Smartchip on your smartphone. Better safe than sorry, we say.